Negin Kianfar

Born in Tehran, I grew up in the post-revolutionary Iran and pursued a colorful career path in three different – yet closely – related areas…

Coming exhibition

Schermer Kunst-Route 2023
August 26 & 27 (11h-17h)
St. Michaël Kerk
Zuidervaart 65, Zuidschermer

What I do


Filmography of my documentaries


I work in series. I like to tell a story through creating related bodies of work. Painted ceramics and porcelain objects from different cultural background have inspired this series of paintings.

Voice Acting

Award-wining voice artist, playing the leading roles for cinema, TV series, documentaries and commercials.


Podcaster and artistic director of Radio Now, one-hour podcast on culture and literature produced by one of the biggest publishing houses in Iran