About me

Negin Kianfar

Born in Tehran, I grew up in the post-revolutionary Iran and pursued a colorful career path in three different – yet closely – related areas. I began voice-acting for Hollywood films in Persian and hosted programs in Radio and television. My voice brought to life a large number of world-renowned actresses for Iranian audience. In the meantime, I studied cinema and film directing in Art University of Tehran. I have made several documentaries which have been broadcasted worldwide. Besides, I followed intensive painting courses inside and outside university and trained by several educators, as my love for painting never left me.

Voice artist, painter or filmmaker, I have always tried to express the same thing; myself and the reality as I see it. I use different media to portray my journey of self-discovery, a journey that takes me through the life of others and sees me absorbing parts of the environment which relates to me. This journey is not straight forward. It is contradictory, as contradictory as the life of the artist sitting on the border of contrasting worlds can be. A life full of blinding lights and dark shadows which sometimes escape and appear in my works.